LA PAZ COMMUNITY SCHOOL -Brasilito, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

About La Paz Community School: 

  • La Paz Community School was founded in 2007 in order to address fundamental socioeconomic and cultural gaps prevalent in a region struggling to cope with the balance of an agriculture and tourist economy. By integrating talented youth from the underprivileged, middle class, and upper-class sector of rural Latin America, the school transforms student differences into strengths that foment rich and meaningful dialogue and experiences at all grade levels, thus preparing students to effectively confront global challenges. Growing from 50 to 330 students in just eleven years, La Paz Community School offers a forward-thinking model of education where students from Costa Rica and all over the world join together to learn how to be creative, multilingual, compassionate and responsible global leaders while engaging in authentic learning experiences focused heavily on developing a students’ sense of place in the world. This is accomplished through experiential and hands-on curricular and extra-curricular initiatives.
  • As an authorized IB World School that is a registered non-profit association in Costa Rica, La Paz exposes students to a rigorous and meaningful academic program that is fundamentally rooted in the La Paz Peace Practices and the IB community profile. Through paradigm challenging intercultural discourse, La Paz Community School students are equipped to fundamentally transform their lives, communities, nations, and eventually the world, into a better place.

La Paz Community School’s Scholarship Program:

  • “The La Paz Community School Scholarship Program is a donor-funded initiative that is aimed at identifying underprivileged children in our communities and offering them a world-class education with the expressed intent of creating future leaders who will have the capacity and skills to serve their communities, nations, and the world. This program matches donors directly to individual students to ensure the success of the student and to provide a tangible and direct connection between you, the donor, and the money you donate.”
  • Currently, this program supports 41 high potential students who come from the local community and frequently from families who earn less than $7,000 USD annually.

Watch this video from the 2017-2018 school year highlighting the transformative change the scholarship program provides bright youth from the Guanacaste region:


La Paz Community School environment: Watch this video to get a feel for La Paz Community School’s peaceful and academically fulfilling environment.



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